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Uses of Interface org.apache.tiles.renderer.AttributeRenderer (Tiles 2 2.1.4 API)

Uses of Interface

Packages that use AttributeRenderer
org.apache.tiles.factory Factory classes, to allow creation of container instances. 
org.apache.tiles.renderer Interfaces to manage attribute rendering. 
org.apache.tiles.renderer.impl Default implementations to manage attribute rendering. 

Uses of AttributeRenderer in org.apache.tiles.factory

Methods in org.apache.tiles.factory that return AttributeRenderer
protected  AttributeRenderer BasicTilesContainerFactory.createDefaultAttributeRenderer(TilesApplicationContext applicationContext, TilesRequestContextFactory contextFactory, TilesContainer container, AttributeEvaluator evaluator)
          Creates the default attribute renderer.

Uses of AttributeRenderer in org.apache.tiles.renderer

Methods in org.apache.tiles.renderer that return AttributeRenderer
 AttributeRenderer RendererFactory.getRenderer(String name)
          Returns a renderer by its name.

Uses of AttributeRenderer in org.apache.tiles.renderer.impl

Classes in org.apache.tiles.renderer.impl that implement AttributeRenderer
 class AbstractBaseAttributeRenderer
          Base abstract class that manages authorization to display the attribute.
 class DefinitionAttributeRenderer
          Renders an attribute that contains a reference to a definition.
 class StringAttributeRenderer
          Renders an attribute that contains a string.
 class TemplateAttributeRenderer
          Renders an attribute that contains a reference to a template.
 class UntypedAttributeRenderer
          Renders an attribute that has no associated renderer.

Fields in org.apache.tiles.renderer.impl declared as AttributeRenderer
protected  AttributeRenderer BasicRendererFactory.defaultRenderer
          The default renderer.

Fields in org.apache.tiles.renderer.impl with type parameters of type AttributeRenderer
protected  Map<String,AttributeRenderer> BasicRendererFactory.renderers
          The renderer name/renderer map.

Methods in org.apache.tiles.renderer.impl that return AttributeRenderer
 AttributeRenderer BasicRendererFactory.getRenderer(String name)
          Returns a renderer by its name.

Methods in org.apache.tiles.renderer.impl with parameters of type AttributeRenderer
protected  void BasicRendererFactory.initializeRenderer(AttributeRenderer renderer)
          Initialize a renderer, by injecting dependencies.
 void BasicRendererFactory.registerRenderer(String name, AttributeRenderer renderer)
          Registers a renderer.
 void BasicRendererFactory.setDefaultRenderer(AttributeRenderer renderer)
          Sets the default renderer.

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