This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
org.apache.tiles.jsp.context (Tiles 2 2.1.4 API)

Package org.apache.tiles.jsp.context

Package class diagram package org.apache.tiles.jsp.context
Tiles context classes in a JSP environment.


Class Summary
JspPrintWriterAdapter Adapts a JspWriter to a PrintWriter, swallowing IOException.
JspTilesContextFactory Deprecated. Use JspTilesRequestContextFactory.
JspTilesRequestContext Context implementation used for executing tiles within a jsp tag library.
JspTilesRequestContextFactory Creates an instance of the appropriate TilesRequestContext implementation under a JSP environment.
JspUtil Utility class for working within a Jsp environment.
JspWriterResponse It works as an HttpServletResponse by wrapping a JspWriter around a PrintWriter.

Package org.apache.tiles.jsp.context Description

Tiles context classes in a JSP environment.

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