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Uses of Class org.apache.tiles.definition.LocaleDefinitionsFactory (Tiles 2 2.1.4 API)

Uses of Class

Packages that use LocaleDefinitionsFactory
org.apache.tiles.definition It contains classes and interfaces to allow manipulations of "definitions", i.e. objects made of a template page and a number of filled attributes. 
org.apache.tiles.factory Factory classes, to allow creation of container instances. 

Uses of LocaleDefinitionsFactory in org.apache.tiles.definition

Subclasses of LocaleDefinitionsFactory in org.apache.tiles.definition
 class UrlDefinitionsFactory
          DefinitionsFactory implementation that manages Definitions configuration data from URLs, resolving inheritance when the URL is loaded.

Uses of LocaleDefinitionsFactory in org.apache.tiles.factory

Methods in org.apache.tiles.factory that return LocaleDefinitionsFactory
protected  LocaleDefinitionsFactory BasicTilesContainerFactory.instantiateDefinitionsFactory(TilesApplicationContext applicationContext, TilesRequestContextFactory contextFactory, LocaleResolver resolver)
          Instantiate a new definitions factory based on Locale.

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