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Apache Tiles - Framework - Release Process

Tiles Release Process

Here you will find the steps to create releases for Tiles.


To create a release you have to install:

  • Java 5.0. If you are using a newer version of Java, it is suggested to change JAVA_HOME environment variable when calling Maven, so it points to an instance of Java 5.0;
  • Maven 2;
  • GnuPG;
  • OpenSSH;
  • GraphViz: use version 2.8. See building Tiles for the reason of not using the latest version.

One-time operations

These operations need to be performed only one time.

Create and publish your GPG key

To create a GPG key, follow the guidelines from Maven team. Include it in:

Publish your GPG key in a PGP key server, such as MIT Keyserver.

Create and upload yout SSH key

  • Generate your SSH key (in this case we will use DSA encryption):
    ssh-keygen -t dsa
  • Copy your public key to the server:
    scp ~/.ssh/
  • Try to login:

    If it does not ask you a password, everything is ok.

Repeatable operations

These steps must be performed for each release.

Remove snapshot repositories

Snapshot repositories (for libraries and plugins) should be removed from the main POM before a release. The problem is that a system behind a corporate firewall/white list cannot access to the snapshot repository URL, thus giving an error.

Prepare the release tag

To prepare the release Subversion tag, check out the branch/trunk from where you are preparing the release and type:

mvn release:prepare -Dusername=YOUR_SVN_USER -Dpassword=YOUR_SVN_PASSWORD

The plugin interactively will ask you the version to release, the Subversion tag to use and the next snapshot version. It is reccomended to use the tag: tiles-X.X.X.

Check-out and install the release

Due to an open bug, it is needed to check out and install, through mvn install, the tag; otherwise the release process fails.

Perform the Release

To perform the release, i.e. creating and deploying Maven artifacts, use:

mvn -Prelease -Darguments="-Prelease,j4" release:perform

Digest and upload assemblies

  • Go into the release assembly target directory:
    cd target/checkout/assembly/target/assembly/out
  • Create MD5 and SHA1 files for each files (including ASC files). You can do it with this simple shell script:
    for fileitem in *
      openssl md5 < $fileitem > $fileitem.md5
      openssl sha1 < $fileitem > $fileitem.sha1
  • Upload everything to the build site:
    scp *${version}

Release the JIRA version

  • In JIRA go to the version that you want to release and release it.
  • Create a new version, if it has not been done before.
  • Create the release notes and write down the link that it uses.

Send announcement for the test build

In developers mailing list send an announcement for the test build:

Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Tiles ${version} test build available

The test build of Tiles ${version} is available.

No determination as to the quality ('alpha,' 'beta,' or 'GA') of Tiles
${version} has been made, and at this time it is simply a "test build". We
welcome any comments you may have, and will take all feedback into
account if a quality vote is called for this build.

Release notes:

* ${jira.release.notes}



Maven 2 staging repository:


A vote regarding the quality of this test build will be initiated
within the next couple of days.

Call for a vote

A few days after the test build announcement, call for a vote in developers mailing list.

Subject: [VOTE] ${version} Release Quality

The Tiles ${version} test build has been available since ${testBuildDate}.

Release notes:

* ${jira.release.notes}



Maven 2 staging repository:


If you have had a chance to review the test build, please respond with
a vote on its quality:

 [ ] Leave at test build
 [ ] Alpha
 [ ] Beta
 [ ] General Availability (GA)

Everyone who has tested the build is invited to vote. Votes by PMC
members are considered binding. A vote passes if there are at least
three binding +1s and more +1s than -1s.

Post-vote operations

After a vote is finished, and it has been decided that is at least of alpha quality, there is the need of a post-vote process.

Move artifacts

  • Move Maven artifacts to the rsync repository. To do it there is an experimental stage plugin to help in the process (WARNING: not tested yet!). Merge the staging repository with the rsync repository:
    mvn stage:copy -Dsource="${version}/m2-staging-repository/"
    -Dtarget="scp://" -Dversion=${version}
  • Move assemblies to the Apache distribution mirrors:
    cd /www/${version}
    mkdir /www/${version}/
    cp * /www/${version}/
  • Upload the KEYS file to the Apache mirrors:
    scp KEYS${version}/

Update the site

  • Wait 24 hours to let the mirror sync to the release and then update the site. In particular you have to update the index and the download pages:

    Build and publish the site:

    mvn site
    mvn site:deploy

Send announcement

Finally, send an an announcement to the users and developers mailing list:

Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Tiles ${version} ${quality} released

The Apache Tiles team is pleased to announce the release of Tiles ${version}

Tiles ${version} is available in a binary and a source distribution.

It is also available in the central Maven repository under Group ID

The 2.0.x series of the Apache Tiles framework has a minimum
requirement of the following specification versions:

* Java Servlet 2.4 and JavaServer Pages (JSP) 2.0
* Java Standard Edition (Java SE) 1.5

The release notes are available online at:

* ${jira.release.notes}

Please feel free to test the distribution and post your comments to
the user list, or, if appropriate, file a ticket with JIRA.

You have finished!